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Jess Peterson

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Jess and her husband Doug, live in Erie PA with their 7 children ages 2-21. They are foster and adoptive parents and have welcomed more than 10 children into their home over the last 6 years. Some children have stayed forever, while others have moved on. As a family, the Petersons enjoy swimming, traveling and 

pending quality time with family and friends. Jess is a stay-at-home mom to her fun-loving crew. In addition to welcoming children into her home, Jess has been instrumental in helping run a foster care support and advocacy group in Erie County called Foster Erie. Through working with Foster Erie and her own experiences, Jess has seen an opportunity for the church to play a role in the lives of vulnerable children and families. She believes that the church can be an asset to the crisis that exists in foster care. Jess is excited to spread awareness and provide practical ways for the local church to make a difference.

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