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Register to meet tangible needs through gateway

With 14,000 kids in foster care and 2,000 kids awaiting adoption in Pennsylvania, there are a lot of tangible needs from foster, adoptive, and biological parents. Gateway, an online portal that connects people to the needs of vulnerable children and families in their community, is a simple and easy way for everyone to do something. By registering on Gateway, social workers interacting with foster, adoptive, and biological families can send needs directly to your inbox, and you can claim any need you can meet! The social worker will then reach out and coordinate.   The needs can be a crib for a family with a newborn infant, mattresses for a biological mom trying to get her children home, clothes, gift cards for gas, or even mentors.


Part of our strategy is to have 525 people in every county registered in Gateway to meet tangible needs. Will you join us?

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Volunteer on a Care Community in your area

Fostering and adoption is one of the hardest things a family can choose to do. 50% of foster families will drop out after their first placement because things don’t go as planned.  We know that 90% of foster families will quit before reaching the two-year mark. However, through a Keystone Family Alliance's engineered Care Communities, foster families have a 90% of fostering beyond two years.

We want every foster family in Pennsylvania to be supported by a Care Community of at least five volunteers willing to help directly support the fostering efforts. Whether this is helping cook a meal, helping with transportation needs, helping with specific needs by request, or helping spiritually through the power of prayer, your support helps families foster longer and stronger.

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Find a Care Community Volunteer Orientation to learn more. Both in-person and virtual available.


Care Community Form
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subscribe to our Prayer email updates

In 2010, Keystone Family Alliance started the James 1:27 email list, which served as the fundamental basis for Gateway.  When CYS or one of the agencies they use for reunification had a need, they could reach out to the Alliance.  We would pass that need along to the email list.  In 2010 there were 30 people on that list.  That list grew to more than 525 people who voluntarily signed up to receive those emails to see if they can meet the needs as they are presented. This helped set the organization goal of having 525 people in every county opting in to receive prayer email updates. While we encourage registration directly in Gateway, we would love for you to join our pray emails

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Other ways you can support the mission

*May vary per county


With just a small investment of time, you can impact a young person's life and see YOUR world change too! Join your local chapter of Big Brothers Big Sisters and learn how to become a Big for foster children around PA.


Relatable Encouraging Authentic Listeners. That's what the R.E.A.L Moms Support Group is all about. This is a time to come and hang out with other moms who "get it." Know you aren't alone and other moms are experiencing similar things. 


There are numerous other unique ways that you can partner with Keystone Family Alliance as a volunteer to support local foster families. Everyone can do something, so let's find a way to do something together! Message us to get started.

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