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Case workers

At Keystone Family Alliance, we are extremely grateful for the sacrifice of countless social workers in numerous agencies across the state do to serve Pennsylvania’s children and families!  The work you do matters! We recently learned of a study that found that when a child is placed and their caseworker stays with them during their entire placement, then there’s a 75% chance that they’ll find permanency.  If the caseworker quits during that child’s placement than the chance that the child will find permanency drops to 12.5%.  Again, the work you do matters! 

At Keystone Family Alliance, we are super passionate about rallying the people in local churches to help lift the load that you as a social worker are carrying. And we recognize that an individual church may rally the troops to occasionally help, but there may be a lack of consistency in the help that the Church can offer. That's where Keystone Family Alliance has made the difference.

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Let our network help meet needs and provide much-needed support.

Keystone Family Alliance acts as a connector, a catalyst, between social workers and Christians across Pennsylvania who are ready to open their hearts and homes to these vulnerable children. When we mobilize our support network, it results in foster families who are involved longer and stronger. Case workers can post tangible needs through Gateway, our online portal where our hundred of registered volunteers are awaiting to meet the tangible needs of local foster families. 

In addition to Gateway, Keystone Family Alliance can also provide an engineered Care Community to wrap around a family to further their success as a foster or adoptive home. Without a proper support system, 90% of foster families quit before two years, because fostering is hard work. By comparison, 90% of foster families who have a wraparound Care Community end up fostering beyond two years. By increasing the longevity of foster families in Pennsylvania, everyone wins – the children, the social workers, the church, the foster families, and even the tax payers.

Contact us to learn more about the resources we have for case workers.


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