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International Sponsorship


Haven of Hope Global Ministries is a Christian organization dedicated to offering hope and initiating change in impoverished communities. Working with local partners in Zambia and Uganda, they intentionally serve the poor, orphaned, and vulnerable, addressing both their spiritual and physical needs.

By supporting the education and discipleship of orphaned and vulnerable children, Haven of Hope aims to raise up leaders who will serve as change makers and lights for Christ in their countries and communities.

With a desire to glorify our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, their philosophy is to love others because He first loved us, serve others in obedience to Him, and endeavor to make Him known through the sharing of the Gospel and the strengthening of His church. 


Calvary Global Kids supports almost 200 children in 5 different orphanages throughout Myanmar and Kenya, raising tomorrows leaders. Through a monthly donation system, you can help provide incredibly important food, clothing, healthcare, and education for a sponsored child. But more than that it allows, you to build a relationship and connect with a child that craves to be loved. One of the most amazing things Calvary Global Kids offers is frequent short-term trips to enable you to go and meet your sponsored child! There is absolutely nothing like the indescribable experience of being surrounded by the love and joy of these wonderful children. If visiting is not a possibility, you will still have the ability to correspond with your child and get to know them that way.

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