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Pastors and Church advocates

Real religion is to care for orphans and vulnerable children (James 1:27). The Church can rely on Keystone Family Alliance to mobilize and guide them in assisting the nearly 14,000 children in foster care and more than 2,000 waiting to be adopted in Pennsylvania.

Back in 2008, when our organization first started as Centre County Orphan Care Alliance, Executive Director Vince Smith was meeting weekly with 13 local pastors. They had been praying together and increasingly looking for opportunities to do something more intentional together. It was fertile soil to ask these pastors if they’d consider starting an orphan care ministry together.  They all agreed.  Eight of those pastors were able to find a representative from their congregation that started to meet with the representatives of the other congregations. This network was the beginning of Keystone Family Alliance.

How can your church get involved?

Keystone Family Alliance provides the framework and support to help churches successfully recruit families to care for children in their communities. The Alliance helps bridge the gap between the desperate need in the child welfare system and Pennsylvania churches and Jesus followers who feel called upon to follow the scriptural mandate to serve the vulnerable children (James 1:27).

Sometimes it's sharing our resources and tools with your congregation. Sometimes it's joining the prayer email updates to stay updated on needs around PA. Sometimes it's collecting items to meet tangible needs for foster parents. Sometimes it's volunteering on a Care Community to help out a local foster family so they foster longer and stronger. Sometimes it's someone answering His call, guiding them towards joining us as a County Coordinator in their county.

We look forward to connecting with your church so that we can assist you in the development of a Family Advocacy Ministry (FAM)!


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