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Armstrong County

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County Coordinator:

Maggie Lewis-Smith

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church partners

We are excited to bring Keystone Family Alliance to Armstrong County. Please reach out to the County Coordinator to schedule a meeting to talk about our Church Partnerships. We look forward to meeting with you!

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Meet the county staff

Staff Headshots - Website - 2024 - Maggie LS.png

Maggie's passion for working with and for children has been a lifelong endeavor. Being raised as a pastor's daughter provided many opportunities for her to get involved with ministry and community outreach. She studied early childhood education throughout high school and, in 2023, graduated from La

Roche University with a BA in Psychology heavily focused on child development. She also works as a director of youth outreach and ministry at her family's church. While her work keeps her fairly busy, she loves to spend time with her husband, Christian, and her stepson, Coda. She is so excited to begin her journey with KFA and serve her county's children and families. 

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